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joyce heinsman

Dear Person, I just married a Nam vet who is 10 years older than me, he was 18 when i was 8 and playing with barbie dolls, now i am 42 and he is 52, nobody understand why they don't GET OVER IT well they were not there. He still jumps in his sleep and has night sweats, and he takes care of my 4 kids, as i work 2nd shift, and I told him you are not a killer as the U.S. has called you. That is why you have night sweats it is against who you are. Your web site is right on and my four kids under stand why he is so loyal to us. Your mom is a saint and your and awesome child to endure this, what great research you did. I insist my kids go to veterans day and we take the day off of school as my dad was a world war 2 vet but they were heroes, vietnam vets were not. It was not a conflict as i hate seeing, it was a fricking war, and they lost 58,000 men. I have been to 4 funerals in the past 3 years of vets who just could not take the memories any more... they left 6 teenagers in tow. What an awesome child you are to write this. I am copying it and will read it to my children tonight to appreciate our soliders... may God bless you. He is there for you. Only those who lived it know it. This website was better than 4 years of a history class...
Joyce Heinsman
Proud to be a Vietnam Veterans wife