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Bob Gwin

Hi: I was a Medic, though not in Combat, we fought the "Hawk" in Alaska, another name of the Cold Weather, Minus 72 below Zero Officially, minus 75 below un-officially, 1961-62, Fairbanks, Alaska, USAF Ladd AFB, that became Ft. Wainwright. BUT, I met an elderly Veteran from the Korean War, who was wounded twice on "Pork Chop Hill" In Korea, & never got his Medals. He is old, & in Bad health, who can you "Point" me to, to see that he gets his Medals, before he bites the "Big Bullet"? I did get to meet Major Bernie Fisher, in Germany, the lst American to get the Medal of Honor in Viet Nam & Live to tell about it, click on Major Bernie Fisher & see his story. Also Ira Hayes & Audie Murphy, & most any other winner of the "Medal of Honor" on their own page in the Internet, we recently buried lst Lt. Jack Montgomery, US Army, WW II, who single handedly captured 32 Germans, killed ll, & took out three Machine Gun Nests. He wa an American Indian, to boot. Only one Medal of Honor still living in Okla, I understand, would appreciate any info on the Medical Personnel who were the "Combat Medics, all wars, esp. Pork Chop Hill, Korea, & "Old Baldy"