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My father died Jan. 22, 1999, after a long fight with cancer(agent orange).

He too served in Vietnam, I'm not sure of all the things that he saw, he never really talked about it. I learn more now after his death than when he was alive. I had never really thought about it that much, it was just something that he did not talk about. I had my wedding planned for June 22, 1991, and Desert Storm had started and my father's unit was call up, and I was very upset, I told him, "you have done your time, why do they want you to go"...He said " If I can save anyone the things that I have saw..I'll go a million times". That is when it really hit me.

I still miss him so much, I have a 4 year old son now who really needs his grandfather, I'm trying my best to learn more about what he did and where all he went,so that I could pass it one to my children. I have since his death got his metals out of a box(they were not put on the wall,so he would not have to tell the story of how he got them, to save us the hurt)

Thank you for sharing your story with us all.