Details For Comment No: 7


Mike Medley

Tom Sons like you are the future we had to look forward to and often carried us through seemingly unbearable times. My son was the undergraduate commencement speaker at Berkeley a couple of years ago. In the introduction Carson had written the Chancellor said that his father, a Vietnam veteran, was his hero. One thing I learned from Nam is that there are no such things as heroes. I saw hundreds of heroic acts but that did not make the actor a hero beyond that time. I have since become friends with 3 Medal of Honor winners, each of whom say the same thing: that they just did what most others did but happened to be seen and the person seeing the event lived to tell about it. My best friend was a platoon leader and later company commander of A 1/12th 1st Cav in 68-69 until he lost a leg. I was a recon sgt with 1/14th Infantry in the Central Highlands (II Corps) in 69-70. The only minor error I noted was that you placed your Dad both in the Delta and in the highlands. The Cav got around and he was probably in both places, but not at the same time since the highlands were in II Corps well north of Saigon and the Delta was in IV Corps south of Saigon. Each person is the end result of all of his ancestors since we crawled from the mud (or got zapped by God, your pick)and is their representative and their sole reason for having lived. The fact that you care so much for your father reflects that you are deserving of all that your ancestors endured over the ages to produce you. Best of luck. Mike Medley