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Nora Diane Moore

As the daughter of an MIA it is a great site, it is just ashame that those who did come home did not get the support they deserved, nor do the Vets that are here safe and sound.Keep up the work it was a wonderful tribute you did.

if you get the chance drop by and visit my dads memorial site

my husbands dad was MIA until 2000, the crash site that Sec Def. Cohen visited that was plastered all over TV ended up being the crash site of Cpt Richard Rich my father in law. Attending the funeral 33 years after the fact was the most wonderful thing for my husband and his brothers and mom, yet in the small corner of my heart there was a bit of jealousy, but only for the wants of my dad to rest here on American soil.

The children of the Missing in Action are forever a circle that has no closing, each generation of the man will forever remain in limbo. But I am glad to have met the vets that I have for I have learned so much.

Nora Diane Moore
N.R.E.M.T.- Paramedic
EMS Educator/Lead Instructor
Hospital Education & Training
Eisenhower Army Medical Center
Ft. Gordon, Ga.