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Gary Preman

I came across your web site purely by accident. I thought I recognized your father's name, and for sure, I compared some of my pictures to those on your site, "we have a match!"

I was a Medic with the 1st Cav., D co., 2/5 from 2 Feb 70 - 29 Dec 70. I was known as "Doc" or "Doc Preman". I remember your dad as being a kind friendly sort, with a calm demeanor, a very likable guy! If your father joined us in June 1970, we were in Cambodia at that time, LZ Ready from 13 May 70 until our return to III-corp. Due to Vietnamization, we were at about 1/2 strength. I believe our platoon leader was LT. Price. As I recall, we remained in III-corp until I returned to the World on New Years Eve! The areas we customarily controlled, were, to the best of my recollection: Ben Hoa, The Fish Hook to the Parrots Beak, An Loc, Phuoc Binh, Phuoc Tuy, Tay Ninh "FSB Tay Ninh" to Quan Loi to Long Bin to Bin Tuy "LZ Mace". Other LZ's and Fire Support Bases that I remember were: Jamie, Carolyn, Barbara, White and Dolly. I know that we covered more areas and were based in other LZ's and FSB's, but I am running low on memory!

I commend you for the wonderful and accurate web site "tribute" to your dad. And, a big hello and welcome home to Art!

"You can take the Soldier out of Vietnam but you can't take Vietnam out of the Soldier"

Best Regards,
Gary Preman

PS: I have attached a photo of your father, you will easily recognize him, I am the sweaty one in the lower right waiting for a turn at the shower!