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Don Clark

That was very moving Tom and I would like to thank you for it and congratulate you for being the son of a "hero".I was over there at the same time as your dad and your story brought back a flood of memories of the Field nd Firebase activities and the friendships. If not for the friendships I wonder if any of us would have survived that one year in that country so far away.

I would also like to congratulate your dad and your Mom for raising such a wonderful and caring young man. I have a daughter that was born Dec. of 1977 and, although we are close she has never expressed an interest in the "Conflict" and what we experienced or how we survived. She has seen me with my fellow Veterans and has an appreciation for our" brotherhood" but her knowledge is relatively at a minimum. I am going to forward your Dad's website to her just to see if it peaks her interest in her dad.

By the way Tom, I grew up with your Mom and knew your dad very well before the military. They are a love story that some people can only dream about and they are so lucky to have you and your siblings to help them keep that flame glowing with a wonderful intensity.

As a result of my tour I learned a great appreciation for the great outdoors and relocated to Colorado, one of those brief stops on your dad's first crossing to Vietnam. I spend as much time smelling the cool mountain air, listening to the roar of a swollen stream cascading down from locations that not many witness and gazing around the countryside looking for the little treasures that dart within the wilderness area. I have been fortunate to watch the bears after a winter's hibernation, the mule deer with Springs new miracles, the majestic Elk as that start that long progression of fattening their large bodies in preparation for the new fall that once again will test their stamina for another winter. These things and so much more are a result of that one year in hell which led me to this heaven.

Once again, thank you and remain as proud today of your dad as you were when you put this site together. Actually I have no doubt and as a Veteran of Vietnam I would like to say..............Peace!

Don Clark
4th/21st Infantry, Americal Division

Photo taken on LZ Debbie- these guys are still my best friends! I'm on the left in my Lindy green!!