Details For Comment No: 52


eddie hancock

i was in company c and not sure if i knew your dad or not, as sometimes you may not see people from another platoon for months because you stay seperated in the jungle for so long a time, but he must have been one hell of a guy (as most were)to have made such an impact on your life! i am sure he is as proud of you as you of him! the only thing that needed clarifying in your writing was the the way you made the facilities sound so good after a 24 day "camp out" and return to the LZ. hot meal....only if you weren't on some detail such as recon or crap burning....shower- was a canvas bucket that was nailed up higher than you were and held 5 gallons of water that DRIPPED on you......bathrooms were the typical old style wooden latrine and a tube stuck in the ground for urinating.....beds- there were none except the ground inside a bunker(where rats crawled across you) or on top of the bunker in the open. thank you for making my day more bright knowing that there are people that care and realize what a hardship that war was on all of our young lives. thanks eddie