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Randall Christian

Dear Son, I received your story from another buddy Nam combat vet like your father. It is truly a remarkable tribute you've made to your father. It brought a tear to my eye to remember those days too. For I too did the same job as your father as a young man at the age of 19. After walking point on search and destroy missions for the length of my say in the areas of Da Nang and Chu lai, it has been only since I've gotten older that I realize the true blessing that was bestowed upon me to be able to return to this country with all my limbs, health and strength. My father also spent 2 tours there and one in the Korean conflict in which he was severly injured. On his second tour, he came to take my place to get me out of harms way. We are both highly decorated veterans and have both observed that with all of our medals and 25 cents, we might get a cup of coffee. You father I see was truly blessed also in more ways than making back, he had three fine children and a wonderful son to take the time and commitment to tell his story. I'm sure he is very proud. If you don't mind, I am going have mind three children read your story and let it speak for me too. May God continue to bless and Keep you and yours and tell your father that I am glad that he made it back.......Randall Christian / San Antonio,TX