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wow tom! that is very definitely a big loss to have your whole platoon wiped out - i can only imagine. fate obviously had something very different planned for all those men. hopefully they died quickly and didnt suffer!!!! your dad was supposed to have a son and eventually tell him of his experiences and have a close, bonding realtionship with him. very lucky man! he has learned to live out his life with much to be proud of im sure. his children. so many parents dont have any kind of relationship with their kids. at least he dealt with his experiences and was able to continue on with dignity, respect and honor. good for you both. he probably should give many more lectures at colleges. kids need to learn more about the war and lack of support these men received when they arrived home. the ever changing colors of this nation at its best!!!!! i wonder now if you were to drafted to a war overseas how he would feel? ive struggled with this issue myself for my own sons (identical twins) who are now about the age of most draftees! 17. these men were babies. at least that is how i see them still :)!!!!!!! i wonder if being in different parts of the country people received you better or worse? we are from the east coast - approximately an hours drive to D.C. i still have never been able to visit the vietnam memorial!!!! i cant even fathom how massive that wall must be - just scares me! i saw once at a distance when they brought a small one around to different malls and such - couldnt go near it and started hyperventilating!!!!! i am a very emotional person anyways, movies like "the little mermaid" made me cry so im a goner!!!!! thanks again for the info. take care and i hope your dad gives more lectures!!! KIM