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thanks tom! i realize that your father was probably not proud of some things he and others may have done but hey, guess what? in every day life (post war peace time) there is much i am not proud of nor are most people if they were to be honest!!! life takes many changes and its the way you handle and carry them through all those changes that counts. he was basically on survival instincts and did very well with them. i only hope i can meet the challenges that life throws my way with as much bravery and gut instincts as im sure he had to use. if you can accept and roll with the many moods this country takes have gained much. you should still be proud of your dad. its a good thing! he met them all face on and survived. he is, im sure, a very good citizen and neighbor correct? with all that in mind he needs to forgive himself as well if he hasnt done so already. i will read the book you have reccommended - thank you. does your dad talk much about his experiences still or just gave you enough and to go on for your web page? listen to your dad he knows more about the human race then any of us! he lived it every day he was in nam! i hope you and yours have a pleasant summer. (evenings/sunsets are a great time to communicate!) take care KIM