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dear tom, i enjoyed your story you wrote for your dad and am sure it is a tremendous tribute to such a brave man! these men have lived more in a few weeks then any of us will ever live in a lifetime. i have nothing but complete respect and admiration for your dad and other men like him. i have been reading several books on vietnam and am truly fascinated with their stories. i have been having nightmares from these books that i am certain dont even compare to the ones that many vets have had or are still having! i do like reading about them and their every day trials and tribulations thru war so i cant seem to put them down or get enough. i am perplexed by one thing and that is it seems to me that once these men made it home no one seemed to want to keep in touch. i wonder if your dad was or felt the same way! they had a bond that i dont think many people share and it amazes me how so many of us work a lifetime to gain this and never do. thanks again for your article! sincerely, KIM