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Paul Miraldi

Dear Sgt. Markart, I was very moved at your web page and I'm sure your dad is proud of you also. It was a very touching page, and I had to stop several times to choke back the tears. Is your father still alive? I run a small nonprofit org. dedicated to the war and the vets who are to us true life Capt. Americas! I would love to get copies of some of your dads photos for our display in the museum. Did your dad participate in the Cambodian Invasion? I'm sure your following in his footsteps and have signed up in the 11B, are you still in also, and where are you stationed? I spent 4 years in Hawaii with the 25th, 4thBn. 87th Infantry (Light) in the 80s, I was so tired some times I prayed there really was an enemy and he would shoot me to end my aching back and feet, so I can image how your pop felt humping around out there with "real" pop up enemy and all that disease and mosquitos too. Thanks for your time and keep up the great work. A fellow "Grunt" Paul Miraldi