Details For Comment No: 2470


Jeff Bogue

I was with Blue Max, 2/20th ARA, as a pilot. There was a night when FSB Rang Rang (east of Phouc Vinh) was hit and overrun. This was in 1970...I don't remember the date. Originally I arrived just past nightfall with a UH-1H 'Nighthawk'. We had been diverted from our intended mission east of Dong Xai to Rang Rang, due to the situation there. My 'Nighthawk' took so much damage it had to depart and make an emergency landing at Phouc Vinh, leaving me alone there. I could not leave those guys. I was on station all night, supplemented around midnight with a rising moon and a C-119 'Shadow'. I would only leave to return to Phouc Vinh for rearm and refuel. Anyone out there who was there that night, or knows anything about those who were - please contact me.