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Bob Lazzari

You have done a teriffic job not only with this site but also of honoring your father. I served with 1/4 Cavalry in Vietnam from July 1968-July 1969, so your letter brought back allot of memories, some good some not so good. The healing process you spoke of has never really stopped and most Americans don't know much about what your Father and the rest of us went through for our country, we were called and we served to the best of our ability. The first time I went to the Wall in Washington I had an experience that pretty much sums up what we have gone tghrough since the war. I had just found the names of my friends who were killed while I was there and I was standing by the statue of the infantry men crying. A woman walked up to me and told me that if I thought the Vietnam Memorial was moving I should go take a look at the Korean Momument, it was even more upsetting, I couldn't believe her. All I can say is that they didn't understand then and they don't understand now. God Bless, Bob Lazzari A Trp 1/4 Cav