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SSG Estebes, Lester A.

Wow this story was realy good. At the end it kind of brought some tears to my eyes because I am also an Infantryman and am serving in Iraq and have served in Afghanistan, and I too try to be the best role model and father to my 2 children. I am only 24 and have seen a little over 2 years of combat here and have lost a few friends both KIA and WIA. I was really impressed at the medals your father recieved, very well deserved! One thing my old general told me is that it is the man that makes the medals not the medals that make the man. I appreciate all the things that your father did in Vietnam and your mother as well because everyone knows that the hardest job in the Army is being an Army Wife. Well again great story.

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SSG Estebes, Lester A.
431st Civil Affairs Batallion
Forward Operating Base Marez, Iraq
SVOIP 302-243-0395
DSN 318-821-6220