Details For Comment No: 16


Steve Houghton

Dear Tom I am very impressed with your story about your father's experience. Few young people today have the appreciation for what happened to soldiers in Vietnam like you do. Having served in Vietnam I can say with some authority, that you have written a very accurate story. I'm sure your father must feel proud to have a son who has taken the time to understand and appreciate his experience. I have some common experiences with your father. Both drafted, NCOC school, Fort Polk, arrival at Cam Ranh, served in the southern part of Vietnam, etc. etc. ( I was infantry too, 71st LRRPs 68-69 attached to the 199th Light Infantry) In retrospect, I feel the war was a mistake. ( Vietnam fell, and the rest of the world did not fall to communism, so much for the domino theory) But without getting into that to much, I do know it wasn't the fighting men like your father who lost the war. We won the battles, the politicians lost the war. And how they did is not the point now. Your father, and others like him, although perhaps reluctantly, did what they thought they had to do. There is honor in that. Good job Tom! Steve Houghton