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lynn felgar

hello...funny how things seem to make the world smaller without knowing why.I'm a photographer living in midwest Illinois whose main winter fun is "shooting" bald eagles which come to southeastern iowa each winter.I have always had a "nitch" for wilddlife /especially the Bald eagles- which are our symbal of the USA- Freedom and Majesty! I became interested in photography while I also was in Vietnam...70-71 with the Americal 23rd Inf Div located in Chu Lai.I corps.Quang Gnai province.......318089 was my "field" location straight west of Chu Lai...I also was drafted in August of "69 and spent my basic in Fort Gordon.with RTO training in Fort Jackson. SC for 7 weeks.then back to "gordy" for another 14 weeks operator.held over for another 14 weeks while waiting for my orders(2 weeks in hosp for pneumonia caused this). Finally sent to Vietnam , where as a SCARED 19 yr old midwestener faced Death on his ist day in-country also at Cam Rahn Bay..was shipped north after 3 days and spent 9 months 7 days there serving as a RTO.(radio man) in a Battalion Tactical Operations Center(TOC).HHC 5/46th LIB . I was the guy who would have taken your dad's suppy orders/called in artillery support-Medivacs for the injured/- Blue Ghost choppers who worked the areas around the troops at nite destroying anything that was reported to me during my shift by the troops out in the field. It was an adventure I will NEVER forget nor will your father. One NEVER knows what a person feels or has felt until they walk in the shoes of these VietVets.and sadly.. but Gratefulll....they never will..I humbly applaud your courage to write down your kind words about your dad and am sure you have touched alot of guys who've always wanted to do something like this but just never felt adequate in doing so...Sorry for being so long-winded.something I myself.need to do.I think it helps us to finally face those terrible times of our young lives which were changed in so drastic of ways.......but there's ALWAYS something which comes from a dark day.light at the end of the tunnell.....I gained ALOT of RESPECT for others-fellow man-Country and myself!!! Who would have thought at age 20-21 while serving over there and riding supply choppers out to fire-bases.taking pictures of everything I could think of(knowing I sure to hell wasnt coming back) that in doing so.I sparked an interest which would one day be my major vocation-Photography!!!.Wish I had taken I appreciate the pix your dad took.each one telling a story in itself.CHERISH these and everything he brought back..... please give my regards to your parents for raising an outstanding son who had the "insight" to pay the most humble tribute to his dad....someof us have the "eye" for photography.others have the "pen" for writing a very personal story ......thanks much and best regards..........SGT LYNN E FELGAR.WARSAW, ILL 62379