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Bob Gouveia

Ive read your words about your Vietnam Vetran Dad,and the Vietnam Veterans and u come across as a very astute young women and a daughter any father would be proud of. Is the name above your Dad Sgt. Arthur L. Markart?. How is your Dad these days? Did your Dad and Mom stay together when your Dad got out of the Army? I dont mean to ask personal questions, but Ive read and heard of so many Vietnam Veterans seperating from wives and girlfriends when they returned.Ive enclosed the words u used, because I thought how precious they are to hear from a daughter.The words seem to come right from your heart. "I am proud to say that my father is a Vietnam Veteran. As a veteran and as a father, he has done more to earn my respect than any other person that has ever walked the face of the earth. " Thanks Bob Gouveia-Burlington, Ma.