Details For Comment No: 13


Leonard F. Russell Jr.

Hi Tom, I can't believe this. I was out browsing to see if I could find some veteran sites where I could get a link to our web site. I came across your site and at the top you have the name, "Sgt. Arthur L. Markart" listed. Out of curiosity, I checked my 1970 Directory and found that your father was one of us. NCOC Graduates. He was a graduate of Class 20-70. First, could you show your father our web page at: Second, ask his if it's OK to list his name and Unit on his Class Page? Third, if he isn't connected, would it be OK to add an e-mail TAG behind his name using your e-mail address? And last, Could we get a link from your web page? I plan to link you page because it's about one of our guys. Tell your Dad, Welcome Home, Budd Russell NCOC Locator