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Marie Kratz

Hi Tom, I had the pleasure of working with your Dad in our old Arrow Electronics days. We've stayed in touch over the years with birthday calls and holiday cards. He had told me about your website some time ago and never had it with me while I was near a computer until today. I thought I knew a lot about your Dad but, what you have shared has given me a different viewpoint. I had always loved him, his sense of humor and what he taught me at Arrow (I was among the first college recruits in 1984)had always made me grateful to know him. His zest for life continues to inspire me and I appreciate the opportunity to get to know him a little better today thanks to you. You are fortunate to have him as my father passed away at age 49. I miss him every day. Art has always told me how proud he's been of his family and I understand why. Thanks for the insight and the history...and please give him a hug for me! Ask him about left turns:-) Take care and Happy Holidays!...Marie