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Christie Rasmussen

I really enjoyed your "story" about your dad. Some of what you told is exacly what I've heard. My dad was in Vietnam too. He, along with all the other vets are heroes in my eyes. It is sad though - I cannot nearly tell the story you did. Through the years I have heard bits and pieces here and there about the war and what he went through, and buddies that he remebers, he still keeps incontact with a few, which is good. I still remeber when we were little we did not dare stand anywhere near dad when trying to wake him up, you didn't know what would happen, he nearly jump out of his socks, to this day he still does, if anything startles him. He has always been an avid hunter, he had to even stop hunting for a few years due to hearing the guns go off. My dad has commented that he was trained to go against his morals and kill people, he recently told me a story about his buddy from Vietnam that lives in Iowa, his name is Harley. Harley and dad get together every so often, he was just down recently and dad told me that Harley was the best friend a guy could ever have and he would never leave you behind. With tears in his eyes, my dad told of a time when he was in trouble and Harley saved him over there. And went on to tell of another story when my dad saved a guy named Steve. Everyone was running and Steve went down, dad went back to drag him out, he could hear bullets hitting the ground beside him and hear them flying by his head. I guess everyone has their story and everyone has their way of dealing with things, hopefully they can all get through it. May all Vets be remembered. Christie