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Well said! I found this through the children of veterans web ring. I am a daughter of an Army Vietnam Veteran. My dad served three tours in Vietnam (the last two he served as a deal to keep his younger brothers from being drafted). I love everything you wrote about your father's service. Please thank him for serving his country for me. I wish our country didn't greet these great men so horribly when they returned from duty. I love and am so proud of my father as a father and as a veteran too. Despite all he has been through, he is still a great man with compassion and love for his country and his fellow man. Just wondered....did your father ever mention Agent Orange to you? My dad remembers being doused with it at times (unintentionally of course because the planes didn't know troops were still down there and the troops didn't know where the planes would be dumping). Thanks again for your great website! I know your dad must be so proud of you and feel very appreciated.