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Ken Russell

I can't even begin to describe the amount of respect that I have for my uncle (Art). I have and always will consider him to be a true hero, an amazing man and an incredible father and uncle. I have only begun in recent years to really get to know him as himself and I couldn't be more happy to call him family. Like Art, I have also recently gotten the opportunity to really know his son (my cousin) Tom as a man as opposed to a cousin and again... I couldn't be more happy to call him family. Tom... I am so incredibly honored that you would be my best man. Coming from the family and father that you do... you are an amazing person and I love you for that. I have always felt right at home and comfortable while in the presence of you and your family which isn't always the case in other settings. Thank you for creating this website so I could have the opportunity to know those things about your dad that I was never comfortable asking. He really is an amazing person and anyone that knows his kids can clearly see that without knowing anything else about him. I probably haven't said this enough in past years and don't know when or if I'll be presented an appropriate opportunity to do so in the near future... Can you please tell your father, your mother, your brother, sister and your wife... I love them all for being such amazing people and family that any person would be proud to be a part of.