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Christine Hellan


I have been through the whole site, and I wanted to stop and email you to let you know what an extraordinary dedication your site is to your dad. I wish there was a way to read the comments in the guest book, esp, from the other vets. I am so glad that your dad made it home, and has been able to "learn to cope" and I hope that some point these brave men and women will be given the proper recognition and the "help" that they all so richly deserve and some need so badly. The number of Vietnam vets who are part of the "homeless population" is unacceptable. May your father one day be at peace with himself and his actions, because they are nothing beyond heroic. Please give him a hug with my sincere gratitude and love for what he and his brethren did so many years ago. Let him know that it is not forgotten or thought of~it is every day, especially as this war today wages on~and I have a 11 year old son~that is goal is to a military officer. That makes me proud, but scares me to death.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Christine Hellan
Phoenix, AZ