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my husband is a viet nam vet. i know what you are saying. we have been there. he was diagnosed with ptsd in 1998 and denied benefits because of a verified stressor. he too had a family to raise and would not have anything to do with the va. he never went to the hospital until 98. i feel like this denial is just another slap in the face for a vietnam vet. because he wasn't diagnosed within a year there will be no benefits. i too am proud of him. i have read and learned a lot from the net on this war. he would never talk about it with me. he has blocked out what happened there.

he has very little memory of the 14 months he spent there. and unles he remembers what stressed him in vietnam there is no help. but i am still looking. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO BE PROUD .....I HOPE HIS DAUGHTER FEELS THE SAME WAY.