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SGT Arthur L. Markart 1st Cavalry 2nd BN 5th Cav Division (Airmobile) 6/70-4/71

SGT Arthur L. Markart 1st Cavalry 2nd BN 5th Cav Division (Airmobile) 6/70-4/71

1st Cav Vietnam

This website started off as a college assignment back in 1998. I was originally tasked to write a paper about an American hero. Sure I could have picked a President or even an athlete but I decided to write it about my father, a Vietnam Veteran. Vietnam was not a topic of discussion very often growing up and I wanted to learn more about him.

Not only did I end up getting an A on the paper, I learned a lot about my father in the process. My professor was so impressed that she invited him to be a guest speaker. I learned more about my father in that hour or two than I had living with him for the previous 20 years.

At the urging of my brother, and a new degree in web development, I decided to evolve the paper into a website back in 1999. The site has been redesigned several times over the years as I continue to add more information including a complete digitization of his scrapbook.

Memorial Day

Sgt. Arthur Markart

Sgt. Arthur L. Markart

Dedicated to my father for the courage, honor, and sacrafices he, and all Vietnam Veterans, made.

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Meeting again after 40 years

40+ Years in the Making

My father's buddy, Doug Fowler, found him after 40 years via this website.

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